what is jelqing


What is jelqing ?

Jelqing is a colection of penis growing excersize’s based on the creation of micro tears in the tisue, which grow bigger when they heal. Although the penis is not a muscle the process is comparable to working out, as the same cycle of induced micro-tears leading to an enlarged part occur.

Jelqing has some scientific evidence backing it up but the main proof of its efficacy is found in the heaps of anecdotal data floating around on the internet as there are lots of forums dedicated to the subject.

Who is jelqing for ?

Before you start jelqing you should consider the reasons that motivate you. It is perfectly normal for you to want to increase your penis length and girth but you should be doing it from a healthy place of mind. Modern pop calture and the porn industry have placed very urealistic standars on the average man who is nowhear near the “size” featured on them, creating extremely unrealistic expectations. Acting out of desparation and insecurity is never the right choice. You should look deep within your shelf to purge those negative thoughts.

That being shaid, if you are interested in p.e. for the trully noble purpose of bettering yourshelf then jelqing is definetly for you!

Expectations :

Now that you know what is jelqing it is very easy to get caried away. “Big” claims and fast success stories but you have to be conservative. Keep in mind that jelqing is a slow process not unlike actual muscle building. Results dont come overnight. You have to make an actual lont term (at least 6 months) comitment to see any significant changes. Also, the gains have to be maintained to some extend, otherwise , some of them will go away over time.

A Realistic time frame :

While jelqing you will expirience measurable results in the first three to four weeks of commitid excersize. The gains will be significant and you will be tempted to extrtapalate the future gains to come. Be conservative though, you will be proven wrong. There is actually a phenomenom called newbie gains which refears to the first length and girth improvements made.These are the easiest inches you will gain in your whole jelqing career. After that initial jump (0.3-0.5 inch in length and 0.1-0.3 intches in girth in the first month) you can expect an average of 0.6×0.2 to 1.0-0.4 inch gains a year depending on your individual built. Keep in mind that your initial dimensions will affect the rate in which you will make gains.

Is jelqing safe ?

Short answer? No, not if you are not carefull. Jelqing includes the use of your hands in a manner that aplyies measurable and significant amounts of force on your penis. Should that worie you though? No, if you are using correnct tecnique and being mindfull of your body. Once again tough, if you lack patience, trying to force things along is a certified way to get hurt! When venturing on your p.e. jurney you have to be suplied with the correct mindset as well as actual training and recovery regime. The one we recomend can be found in our own “Jelqing 101” guide but we encourage you to make your own research too as there is a lot of information online.

The Verdict :

So, what is jelqing?

Jelqing is an awesome-begginer friendly-way to embark on your penis enlargment journey that actually delivers what it promises as I have expirienced my self (B: 5.625 x 4.9 C: 6.9 x 5.5). If you have the patience for it definetly give it a try!

For more information, check out “How to do Jelqing- a Jelqing guide” .

Disclaimer: I am not a medical profesional, consult with your doctor before deciding to make any changes to your body.

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