How to do jelqing


How to do jelqing

In this article I will be explaining to you how to do jelqing and the fundementals of jelqing regarding tecnique. I wil also provide you with a free beginers routine to get you started so stick to the end!

Jelqing is by far the simplest p.e. method out there. The only thing you need is your hands, some lube and lots of patience. There are a lot of jelqing variations out there suitable to people with different goals (we will talk about them in other posts). We today are going to focus on the original tecnique as it offers a balanced aproach of length and girth.

How to do jelqing :

So, how to do jelqing exactly?

  • Achieve a partial erection ~ 70%.
  • Use plenty of lubricant to minimise tsafing.
  • Make the “ok” sign using your index finger and your thumb.
  • Place the “ok” grip around the base of your penis and hold tightly.
  • Slowly, in a controlled fashion, slide your grip towards the head.
  • Stop when you reach the head, place your grip on the base and repeat!

Congratulations! You sucesfully completed your first jelq!

But now what? You continue. In a standar jeqing session for beginers you will complete 50 jelqs in a row, taking small brakes if needed.

The mechanism :

The theory behind jelqing is that the repeated “ok” grip strokes induce a mix of traction and expansion stresses on your penis. The “damage” done is then repaired in the next few days by the body, leaving you with a slightly enlarged penis.

  • Traction: The simple action of stretching your penis for a prolongue amount of time has a lengthening effect. As the fibers of your penis are puled apart micro tears form and in the next couple of days heal, creating a slightly bigger penis. Also, the ligaments and muscles of your pelvic floor strech. That makes more of your penis accessible to the outside world (over half of the penis length is internal).
  • Expansion: When you perform a jelq, blood is pumped in your semi-erect penis. The forces generated by the pumping action push out from every direction. The pushing , once again , forces the fibers apart, this time in all directions. The outcome is girthier penis from base to head.

Things to keep in mind :

  • Jelqing is a slow process. In this life we get only one penis so we have to take good care of it! If you are in a rush to get results chances are you are going to force things along. Catastrophic! You should always listen to your body. The process described above should not be painfull at all. In the first sign of discomfort you should take a break.
  • Insecurity is not an aceptable reason to start jelqing! If you are insecure about the size of your penis you should introspect, find why and get over it. Then and only then, you can jelq for the right reasons.

Sky is the limit :

Jelqing is quit a slow process. That aside though, the results over time are mesurable and significant! Over the years there have been quit a lot of amazing transformations. Keep an open mind and trust the process!

Grab ahold of your future Today!

Finally, as I promised you, I have formulated a beginers jelqing routine for all of you wanting to make a start to their size journey. Set big goals and trust in the system! To get the Beginers Jelqing routine click here.

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